VIII Edition

Saint Louis College of music presents the VIII edition of the European Jazz Contest (EJC), for jazz bands. Among the partners – the prestigious Conservatorium Maastricht, Hogeschool Gent, Civici Corsi di Jazz of Milan, Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Leipzig and Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

  1. GENERAL Participation is open to all residing in Europe. Applications from non-European countries will be individually examined from the Selection Board. The average age of the band members must not exceed 35. Bands with underage members won’t be considered. The 2017 edition of the EJC is dedicated to GROUPS (instrumental only or with vocalists).
  2. PRIZES The Jury reserves the right to decide not award a prize if they feel that no band is deserving. They also reserve the right to assign to two bands an equally deserved first or second prize.


  • An EP recorded live during the final concert. Edition and publication will be done though the Saint Louis Jazz Collection label. The EP will be distributed over the world’s most popular digital streaming platforms. The publication rights will be treated as indicated in the private contract that will be signed by Saint Louis and the winner (without transferring the publication rights to the Publisher the album will not be recorded or released). The Artistic Director reserves the right to decide about publishing the whole live recording of the final exhibition, or a part of it.
  • 6 concerts between Italy and other European countries (Rome, Milan, Gent, Maastricht, Leipzig and Antwerp)
  • Printing of 500 copies of the EP, of which 30 copies will be given to the band for free


  • BEST BASS PLAYER: Hartke HD75 speaker
  • BEST GUITARRIST: Ibanez Artcore AS53-TF guitar
  • BEST DRUMMER: Zildjian 16″K Custom Special Dry Crash
  1. ENROLLMENT The JAZZ CONTEST enrollment is free of charge and the deadline for everyone is the 8th of September 2017
  2. IMPLEMENTATION AND PARTICIPATION FORMATS: the EJC will be structured in 2 stages


  1. Pre-selection: The bands will be selected based on an audio-video demo. The selection will be handled, at indisputable discretion, by the Saint Louis staff  which will be chaired by Director Stefano Mastruzzi. The deadline for enrolling and sending the application is the 8th of September 2017.
  2. Live concert: the finalists (4 bands) will perform in Rome on the 20th of November 2017 at Casa del Jazz.
    The contest organization will contribute to the travel expenses of the finalists, for a maximum of 100€ per competitor, to a maximum of 300€ per band. The reimbursement will be refunded to the bands after receiving the receipts/travel tickets. Food and accommodation, for those who don’t reside in the Lazio area will be covered by Saint Louis. At the end of the final evening, the winner of the 1st prize, and the possible best soloists will be announced.

The above-mentioned dates may be subject to changes due to organization reasons; possible changes will be communicated to all the competitors in advance.


To participate It is necessary to have a live repertoire no shorter than 30 minutes, and a demo containing at least 4 original tunes and 2 standards chosen by the contestants. Failure to comply will result in being excluded from the competition.

Participation is open to all kinds of jazz-style projects, without limits:  from traditional to avant-garde and experimental, in any language or dialect, which correspond to one or more of the following features:

1) Original compositions

2) Original re-elaborated versions of traditional music belonging to the band’s country of origin

By enrolling, every artist declares the originality of his/her tunes or their origin from the “public domain tradition”. The artists also affirm that the organization will not be responsible of any dispute regarding the songs or their performance or any possible property rights issue.

Enrollment modality:

  • Fill in the specific enrollment form available the website jazzcontest.it by the 8th of September 2017

Contact information: maeve@slmc.it

Demo: What and How to send it

 To enroll it is necessary to fill in the online form and indicate:

  • 4 original tunes and 2 jazz standards chosen by the artist in audio-video format, performed by the band. These links should allow the jury to open dropbox or similar shared platforms (no youtube).
  • CV of the band (max 5000 characters)
  • Short description of the artistic project (max. 2000 characters)
  • Short spoken auto-presentation video (max 60 seconds)


  1. Enrollment confirmation, admission, and dates of the various stages will be communicated by the organization through the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the bands during the application process.
  2. The organization won’t take responsibility for possible delays due to external causes such as telematic problems, etc. The sent material can be used by the organization during the contest for promotional purposes in any way. In the specific case of a wrong compilation of the online forms, the organization can, at its own discretion, consider the enrollment as not valid.
  3. By enrolling in the Jazz Contest the artists accepts entirely these rules, and declares that the organization of all direct or indirect responsibility, implicitly authorizing the organization to associate his/her name or brand (of the artist or the band) with the name or brand of all the commercial and media partners of the Jazz Contest. In particular the artists and the members of the selected bands in the Jazz Contest give up the rights of every photographic, phonographic or radio-TV material regarding the live exhibition.
  4. The Participation in the Jazz Contest implies, in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 675/96, that the artists give their consent to the treatment of their personal data, as indicated by law 675/96 regarding the protection of persons and other bodies in relation to the treatment of personal data following modification D.Lgs. dated 30/06/2003 n. 196:Italian personal data protection regulations, so to allow the organization to manage and run the Jazz Contest. By sending photos and biography, the competitors authorize the organization to use them.
  5. Maximum punctuality and professionalism is required during the live performances and the planed initiatives. Failure to respect these rules of behavior will result in the exclusion from the competition.
  6. No enrollment fees are required. Every back-line need must be agreed immediately with the organizer.
  7. Every variation of the rules, also for everything that regards the dates of the concerts, will be communicated through the website and will be at incontestable discretion of the organization. The artists has the right to withdraw from the competition.
  8. Any dispute about the interpretation of these rules, will follow the Brescia Judiciary Authority.
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