wins the 2012 European Jazz Contest

Hamburg, Germany

Jakub Skowronski = sax
Wojtek Swieca = guitar
Sebastian Zawadzki = piano
Asger Nordtorp Petersen = electric bass
Janosch Pangritz = drum

International Jazzpocalypse – pushing jazz beyond its boundaries! A unique collaboration between four young musicians and composers from three different European countries: Poland, Denmark and Germany. Musical influences from three countries melt together in one Jazzpocalypse! Being on stage, they paint a bigger sound picture using spontaneous free jazz moments along with thoroughly composed songs, using lyrical, fragile and silent colours as well as noisy electro-punk textures. Exploring the limits of their common language: Jazz! „International Jazzpocalypse” met at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts of Southern Denmark.

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